Standing Dove with Glitter & Feather
White Dove with Glitter (Opened Wings)
Crow 9"  Flying
Standing Crow  9"
Standing/Feeding Flamingos (2)


Standing Crow  12"
White Feather Peacock/ Closed Tail with Glitter
White Feather Peacock/ Open Tail with Glitter
White Owl 12.5"
White Feather Owl With Bark 12"
Bird Silver 17"

Bird Silver 17″

Spray Natural Feathers
Feathered Cardinal w/Long Tail  8"
Flying Macaw 32" Red & Blue
Flying Feathered Cardinal w/Long Tail  8"
Flying Feathered Macaw Red/ Yellow & Purple
White Feathered Hen

White Feathered Hen

Feathered Woodpecker  11"
Standing Black Owl

Standing Black Owl